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Asphalt Repair

There is an extensive list of stresses that may affect the condition of your asphalt pavement throughout the years. Such as the following: Seasonal freeze/thaw cycles, petrochemical leaks from vehicles, sunlight, snowplows, rock salt, sand, ice storms, and prolonged traffic can take a toll on your pavement’s health. Much like your own body, your asphalt pavement may display symptoms that indicate that a major problem is approaching in the future. Ignoring your pavement’s symptoms can be a costly mistake.

For example, you may suddenly realize that your asphalt pavement has developed numerous potholes. It may seem as if they appeared overnight, but there were likely warning signs that preceded their formation. In this case, it would be best to get help immediately by contacting us to avoid the worst-case scenario of removing the entire pavement and rebuilding it from scratch, in order to save you money and save the appearance of your asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Milling and Grinding

Although asphalt pavements are strong, flexible, and durable, they can need occasional repairs. Sometimes, the repair requires the removal of all or part of the existing asphalt.

One of the fastest, most cost-effective methods for removing asphalt pavement is also one of the least well-known to the average property owner or manager. In basic terms, asphalt milling is a method of grinding away the pavement.

the milled surface of a damaged asphalt road prepared for reconstruction
Crack Sealing

Hot Crack Sealing And Routing

No matter how well a contractor constructs asphalt pavement, cracks will eventually develop in your pavement. Much like an unrepaired roof leak can result in damage that leads to the collapse of the entire structure, unrepaired cracks can lead to the failure of your entire pavement.


If you are responsible for the care of asphalt pavement, you might have heard that you should include seal coating in your maintenance plan. An asphalt pavement that receives regular seal coating applications can have a useful life that is two or three times longer than unsealed pavement.

But any contractor who tells you that it does not require occasional maintenance is dishonest, naïve, or an imposter. Without maintenance, your pavement could require a total reconstruction long before it reaches the halfway point of its expected life.

However, you may have questions about what seal coating is, how it can help your pavement, and how you can tell when your pavement needs a sealant application. Contact us for more information.

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